VideoSign Proof of Signature™


VideoSign Proof of Signature

Our revolutionary VideoSign Proof of Signature™ technology ensures that SuiteBox users have visual and verbal proof that a digital signature was signed by the participant(s) in your meeting. There is no question as to whether or not the person signing the documents is a meeting attendee, that the documents were signed as part of the meeting, and that a media archive of the signing transaction(s) is available in the user’s SuiteBox cloud account.

VideoSign Proof of Signature™ is the only digital signing technology in the market that enables:

    • Complete proof of authenticity leaving no doubt about the person(s) digitally signing the document(s).

    • Virtual witnessing of signatures within the meeting room.

    • The ability to append images and documents into the document being signed such as a driver’s license or passport.

    • Documents can be signed outside of the online meeting offering increased flexibility when a signing party cannot attend the meeting.