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At SuiteBox, we provide our users with an application that offers an unsurpassed meeting environment for virtually any application. With the heavy focus on consumer privacy and the ensuing identity regulations that stemmed from the financial crisis of 2007, we are constantly upgrading our application to ensure that our users have the most efficient, convenient and compliant meeting platform available.

Our revolutionary VideoSign Proof of Signature™ technology ensures that SuiteBox users have visual and verbal proof that a digital signature was signed by the participant(s) in your meeting. There is no question as to whether or not the person signing the documents is a meeting attendee, that the documents were signed as part of the meeting, and that a media archive of the signing transaction(s) is available in the user’s SuiteBox cloud account.

VideoSign Proof of Signature™ is the only digital signing technology in the market that enables:

  • Complete proof of authenticity leaving no doubt about the person(s) digitally signing the document(s).

  • Virtual witnessing of signatures within the meeting room.

  • The ability to append images and documents into the document being signed such as a driver’s license or passport.

  • Documents can be signed outside of the online meeting offering increased flexibility when a signing party cannot attend the meeting.

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Our clients

  • Aon’s partnership with solutions such as SuiteBox represent an important part of our ‘Client First’ philosophy and our commitment to empowering results for Aon advisers.


    Jayson Walker

    General Manager of Financial Advice
  • Our alliance with Suitebox helps create a truly differentiated dealer group offering for our adviser network, giving them the latest digital advancements and efficiencies to support their business.


    Tony Beaven

    General Manager, Elders
  • The nature of our business is that we are rarely in the same room as clients or counter-parties; but we do need to be able to discuss detail in documents regularly. Phone calls don’t work as well for a detailed review of documents - it can be slow work trying to get everyone focussed on the same page. Suitebox speeds up our interactions on documents and enables us to accelerate the life-cycle of documents. Our clients love it.


    Andrew Abernethy

    Partner, Abernethy Partners