SuiteBox Branding Options

SuiteBox Custom Branding Sample

SuiteBox clients can add their own brand identity to their SuiteBox experience. This comes in two forms: branding of the web client and bespoke customization of the email content.

  • Web Client Branding

  • Your logo will be added to the SuiteBox application and visible to both you and your customers. Additionally, all of the email templates (used for meeting invitations, etc) will bear your logo in the header.
  • Bespoke Email Customization

    You can completely tailor all SuiteBox-generated email templates to suit your organisation's brand identity and user needs. This can include translation of the email content into a language of your choice*.

    • SuiteBox Customization Prices

    • Subscribers on a monthly plan can benefit from web client branding and email customization.
    • Subscribers with a 12-month contract (or longer) will receive a discount on their customizations.
    • Order a Customization

    • Branding customization requests will take up to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the branding project and the current demand in the client customisation queue.
    • Please contact with any questions about the branding process or to place a branding request. 
    Note: Your logo will be placed on the app screens and email templates in the places pictured. *You must provide the translation and agree to assume all liability for legality and correct translation of email content.