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SuiteBox Made Easy: Introducing the Outlook Addin

Ever wished you could quickly and easily schedule your SuiteBox meetings in Outlook? Great news - now you can!


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Product Update: As part of our continuous review and improvement process, we have decided to withdraw the SuiteBox Outlook Addin. The Addin will be decommissioned from 30th March 2019. Users will be unable to make use of the Addin or its features after this date and we highly recommend that users disable and uninstall the Addin by following this guide.

We're always looking for ways to make SuiteBox easier and quicker to use, so you can make the most of your time doing the things that make you money.

The SuiteBox Outlook Addin is the latest example of this, enabling you to schedule and manage your meetings from inside Outlook, quickly and easily. All you have to do is install the addin and you'll be able to set and amend your appointments in the Outlook calendar, just like you would with your normal meetings.

Excellent news - where do I download the Outlook Addin?

Great question. You can download the addin here (your download will start instantly). Once you've downloaded the file, navigate to the download location on your computer and double click to start the installation.

You can download our installation instructions for the SuiteBox Outlook Addin to help you get set up too. In some situations, the installation might not work first time - if your installation fails, you'll need to download and install Visual Studio 2010 for Office Runtime (it's free!).

Once you've got the Addin installed, take a look at our instruction sheets to find out how to use it.

Did we mention it's totally free? Here's what you need to use it.

At the moment, the Outlook Addin is available for Windows PCs running Outlook 2013 or later. We've not got an Addin available for Mac just yet.

If you use SuiteBox through a third-party tool - such as XPlan, YTML Seido or CCube - please note that the Addin is not supported at this time.


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