Here are some of the industries using SuiteBox

Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Financial advisers can engage with clients online, screen share documents, record meetings, and digitally sign documents, managing compliance efficiently.

Banking and Lending


Bankers, clients and their intermediaries can meet in the same room – up to four at one time – and at anytime, to digitally sign applications.



With clients demanding more for less, accountants can efficiently service more lower fee paying clients more efficiently as well as spend more time with valuable clients, increasing revenue.



Lawyers can now deliver legal advice immediately, record all or part of a meeting, store sensitive material and recordings, and sign documents in a secure portal.



Real estate and property specialists can review contracts and sign securely increasing speed and efficiency.

Small Business


Manage your recruitment online with prospective candidates, record interviews to forward onto prospective employers and get contracts signed quickly and submitted – no paper, no scanning.

Meet, collaborate, transact and have an Audit Document of your meeting automatically created within one easy-to-use application.

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Close More Deals. Generate More Revenue.

Unlimited video conference, screen sharing collaboration, and digital signatures.


The Unique SuiteBox Experience


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Unlimited video meetings, recordings, real-time digital signing of documents, and an automatic audit trail of all meeting interactions. Speak with our Sales team for special enterprise pricing. 

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David Greenslade

David Greenslade

CEO, Strategi

Strategi provides compliance services to the New Zealand financial services industry and every day we work with advisers looking for efficient, effective and compliant solutions for their businesses. We use SuiteBox ourselves when meeting with clients all over New Zealand, and have had a great experience with it, and can really see how it has the potential to be a game changer for financial advisers.  Not only does SuiteBox allow advisers to meet with clients, present documents and have clients digitally sign them, it does it all with compliance in mind, creating robust records to satisfy business compliance programs, as well an engaging experience for clients.

Andrew Abernethy

Andrew Abernethy

Partner, Abernethy Partners

The nature of our business is that we are rarely in the same room as clients or counter-parties; but we do need to be able to discuss detail in documents regularly. Phone calls don’t work as well for a detailed review of documents - it can be slow work trying to get everyone focussed on the same page. Suitebox speeds up our interactions on documents and enables us to accelerate the life-cycle of documents. Our clients love it.

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Tony Beaven

Tony Beaven

General Manager, Elders

Our alliance with Suitebox helps create a truly differentiated dealer group offering for our adviser network, giving them the latest digital advancements and efficiencies to support their business.

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Brent McGregor

Head of Service & Sales with New Zealand Financial Services Group

We have improved not only client satisfaction, but the productivity of our own business. Virtual meeting rooms eliminate the need for the client to travel hours to attend a meeting, which is time consuming and costly. SuiteBox’s tools enable our business to move ahead more quickly with transactions and clients appreciate this efficiency and personal contact.

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Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell

Director of Campbell Insurance brokers

Why am I such a fan of SuiteBox?

SuiteBox is the ultimate business tool. It allows me to use our low cost structure to compete directly with big city brokers. Using SuiteBox, I can have face to face meetings with clients for little or no cost. If someone is busy, I haven’t spent the last hour in traffic only to turn around. I just re-schedule. SuiteBox takes the next big evolutionary step, where we combine video with sharing of documents and digital signatures in a simple, interactive and collaborative manner. The Fox is about to get in with the Chickens.

John Hill

John Hill

The Insurance Centre Ltd

Having looked after Craig Meek, the SuiteBox founder's Insurance needs for the last 20 years I have been acutely aware of his disdain at the paperwork involved in our Insurance transactions. We sat down one day after he refused to complete another form and he shared his vision which today is SuiteBox.

Today both our lives are easy and more productive thanks to this technology, I don’t sit in traffic gridlock and Craig does not handle a single piece of paper. From managing claims, handling renewals to sorting out his daughters wisdom teeth claim in London - SuiteBox is Insurance, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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Jayson Walker

General Manager of Financial Advice

Aon’s partnership with solutions such as SuiteBox represent an important part of our ‘Client First’ philosophy and our commitment to empowering results for Aon advisers.

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