Who is using SuiteBox?

The changing world of the Financial Adviser

In the busy world we live in, professionals are seeking to enhance, engage and evolve the way they do business with consumers who want convenience and a quicker turnaround. The new generation is comfortable conducting business using digital tools such as video banking and virtual interviews to make their lives easier.

Similarly, professionals are looking for easy, efficient ways to interact with clients and meet their demands for quicker, but personalised service. Today’s businesses are adapting and adopting new ways of communicating with SuiteBox, which removes barriers to client engagement by enabling business to be completed on the spot, in a virtual meeting room. Whether you are a service provider that regularly uses technology to do business or now just adapting your business, SuiteBox can work for you.

Just some of the industries benefiting from SuiteBox

Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Financial advisers need to meet ever increasing strict compliance demands, but also maintain focus on close relationships with clients. With SuiteBox digital workspace capabilities, advisers can engage with clients face-to-face and get to know their needs better, without ever leaving the office. Plus utilise secure document storage, video recordings of meetings and real-time digital signing – all at everybody’s convenience.

Banking and Lending

Banking and Lending

Like any business, banks and lending institutions need to stay abreast of technology and keep clients engaged. SuiteBox allows bankers to share, amend and digitally sign documents with clients in real time and authenticate them onscreen to complete transactions immediately. The benefits to your business can be significant, including greater efficiency in getting deals done sooner in a secure digital workspace.



As the weight of legislation and compliance increases in your accounting business, engaging with clients in an online secure and private meeting room can save you time and increase your efficiency dramatically. Virtual meetings allow you to listen to your clients more carefully and act on their needs right away. Of course, your clients can digitally sign documents in real time to effortlessly complete transactions, allowing you to complete and file documents more quickly.



Legal practitioners have the ability to engage with clients as a virtual lawyer through SuiteBox’s secure online meeting room. Now in a time sensitive world you can deliver legal advice immediately and get documents signed in a safe environment. Keep yourself at the cutting edge of legal practice and deliver your advice real-time in an online meeting room.

Small Business

Small Business

Get better business results and build more intimate client relationships through secure virtual meetings. Now, with SuiteBox, you can increase your productivity, maintain efficiency and grow your revenue by connecting with your clients effortlessly, in real-time, in a private digital workspace.



In a highly competitive world, real estate agents are looking for that extra edge to help them stand out from the rest. With the help of SuiteBox, agents can transform their businesses with effortless simplicity. Regardless of whether you represent a purchaser or vendor, you can review contracts and record your next meeting in a cyber-secure online meeting room – all at your client’s convenience.

The changing world of the Financial Adviser

The changing world of professionals

Are you making the most of
an industry in transition?

Why would I use SuiteBox?

Why would I use SuiteBox?

12 reasons why SuiteBox helps you
with your business.

How does SuiteBox work?

How does SuiteBox work?

A step by step guide on how easy
SuiteBox is to use.

Why would I use SuiteBox?

1. A private virtual room.

Now you can meet your clients in their very own secure virtual room anytime, anywhere. Have video meetings and discuss documents as if you were in the same room together. Safely store them in the Cloud with Oracle and Amazon Web Services.

2. Maintain your relationships.

Keep your clients onboard with virtual meetings, even though they've moved town, or you've moved town. You can still have your annual reviews at the click of a button.

3. Grow your business.

Don’t let geographical distance get in the way of expanding your client base, whether it’s across town or across the country. You can still manage their business virtually.

4. Convenient.

You may only need to update something minor on a document or update a signature. Why not book in a 5 minute virtual meeting and get the job done?

5. Easy for you.

SuiteBox is intuitive and easy to use with no tutorials necessary. Designed with the user in mind at every step of the customer journey.

6. Easy for your clients.

Your clients don’t need any training either. One click on a link you've emailed them at a pre-arranged time in the scheduler and they activate a video meeting.

7. Share control of documents.

Either participant can take control of a document by using our patented 'heartbeat™' technology.

8. Screenshare your tools.

Screenshare any of the tools you currently use with your clients, including spreadsheets, PDFs, Powerpoint, Xero financials and other portfolio information.

9. Get it signed now.

Take action in real time. Use electronic signatures for on-screen authentication to complete transactions. No more sending an email and waiting days or weeks for a response.

10. Easy filing.

We operate a light touch and integrate seamlessly from the cloud, ensuring all documents are saved within your advice platform or CRM. No need to double up on databases. All documents are stored against the meeting they were originally used in.

11. Legal compliance.

Once you've agreed a course of action, you can capture the main points for compliance purposes and store it against your client record for later reference or audit. You can also send a link of the recorded video to other parties if required.

12. No paper, no scanning.

Save time and save cost by keeping everything online. All your documents and videos are accessible at any time.

  • 1. Communicate with clients anytime, any place..

  • 2. View documents at the same time.

  • 3. Sign important documents from anywhere, anytime.

SuiteBox uses WEBRTC a video streaming protocol which works best with chrome firefox and opera browsers this also means our customers do not need to download any software. We pride ourselves on keeping everything simple from the single click login to the clean interface which only displays a small number of buttons that enable users to sign and complete transactions.

Video Tutorial: What you can do in your SuiteBox video meeting
Available on the AppStore
  • 1. You can select full screen video

  • 2. You can add files from drop box or Google drive

  • 3. You can add images from your camera roll

  • 4. You are able to use chat from within the meeting

  • 5. A person on a browser can screenshare with the iPad

The SuiteBox iPad APP is the ultimate experience for the customer it provides very high quality video and audio as well enabling the customers to use the touch and gesture capabilities to complete and sign documents. The Adviser is also able to schedule meetings directly from within the APP and can display, record and sign documents even in a physical meeting.

Video Tutorial: What you can do in your SuiteBox video meeting

Screen sharing between Browser and iPad

The adviser can use the browser to screen share advisory tools with the customer who has downloaded the iPad APP. This function works best when using the chrome browser. The adviser can select a number of display options which can then be displayed full screen for the customer on the iPad.


A person on a browser can screenshare with the iPad.

Main Features

These are some of SuiteBox Video's Features. Explore the possibilities...


Have a more meaningful and engaging meeting with your clients while on the go from your laptop or iPad. Meetings can be recorded and securely archived - anywhere, anytime for either reference or audit.


Walk through any documents with your clients or customers remotely, knowing they are on the same page as you. Switch control and collect signatures to accelerate sales. Store updated or completed documents back to the advice platform or CRM.


Initiate a video meeting from within your existing advice platform or CRM with all recordings stored automatically against the client record for later reference or audit.


Capture important moments as video clips from within the meeting and have them stored back in the advice platform or CRM.


SuiteBox allows your investment to grow with your use, from your first trial phase to an enterprise wide deployment, giving you increased value at each and every step.


SuiteBox is both a design-led and future focused solution. It is built with market leading highly scalable technologies, seamlessly and intelligently integrated.


Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell

Director of Campbell Insurance brokers

There are many challenges to servicing the needs of clients that are some distance away. In Southland NZ, many clients are one, two or three hours drive away. We all try and line up two or three appointments for the same trip, but you only need one to change their mind and the economics often mean you are doing the job for little or no return. Worse you can’t go back the next day so often one client gets missed. After a few weeks, they don’t recall why you didn’t call, only that you didn’t. Relationships bonds begin to stretch.

Why am I such a fan of SuiteBox?

SuiteBox is the ultimate business tool. It allows me to use our low cost structure (based in Southland) to compete directly with big city brokers. Using SuiteBox, I can have face to face meetings with clients for little or no cost. If someone is busy, I haven’t spent the last hour in traffic only to turn around. I just re-schedule. The internet allows us to communicate at the speed of light. SuiteBox takes the next big evolutionary step, where we combine video with the written word in a simple, interactive and collaborative manner. The Fox is about to get in with the Chickens.

John Hill

John Hill

The Insurance Centre Ltd

Having looked after Craig Meek’s Insurance needs for the last 20 years I have been acutely aware of his disdain at the paperwork involved in our Insurance transactions. We sat down one day after he refused to complete another form and he shared his vision which today is SuiteBox.

Today both our lives are easy and more productive thanks to this technology, I don’t sit in traffic gridlock and Craig does not handle a single piece of paper. From managing claims, handling renewals to sorting out his daughters wisdom teeth claim in London - SuiteBox is Insurance, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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SuiteBox offers an unmatched client experience for professional users on any device.

Google Chrome   Mozilla Firefox   Internet Explorer   Opera   Available on the AppStore

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